Are we still struggling with our own issues….

Today we are in 21st century and still we people are trying hard  to get  one thing that is  “Happiness”.

we are centered towards western culture & passionate to get more things from their  But we forget that  slowly we are ruining our core values and social ethics. I dnt want to hurt western people, they have their own life style and we should not do anything with that.

Their are several issues with new generation,like :


Mother :-> The word “mother”  itself has a lots of respect and regards.But today the scenario is changed. Now mother want their own stand in family . she also want to earn money so that she can able to give at-least 50% expenses of family from their own pocket.she want to get more fame ,not in family but in society also .In this fast life, she has not too much time for even a newly born child .Today , care takers are taking care of newly born child and mother is behaving like guest who come to house & give love to their kids for 3-4 hours and again she become busy in her own issues.Today , mothers are giving support to their family by earning money ,, but their are losing one of the most important thing of life  that is “essence of motherhood” .


Father:-> The word itself shows too much support for  theirs kids.But ,today scenario is changed, they want to earn such a handsome amount so that their kids never face any difficulties in their coming futures. they want to give a better social environment to their family . They want that their children do best in their future, but they forget that today only their children need too much guidance so that they can able to make their base of life too strong.So that they can able to face any difficulties in their life.  


Children :-> This word itself lovable by their parents.But , today children are forget that whatever they are today , it is  because of their parents or guardians.Today , kids want to be stand on their legs and want to get more  attention by everyone either by hooks or crooks. But they forget their parents or guardians who taught them how to walk .They think that what ever they are doing is right and they are not even listening to their parents. They think aggression and self decision pays more than  Experience.   


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