Cake PHP

Cake PHP is a free open-source rapid development framework for PHP.
Cake PHP provides us a way so that we can design our web aplication into MVC( M= Model ,V=Views, C=Controller) architecture.

By using Cake PHP we can seperate Business logic or Contents from its Presentation logic.
And it will really help us out when programmers and designers are seperate ones.

Features of Cake PHP

1. Compatibility with PHP 4 & PHP 5
2. MVC architecture
3. Built-in validation
4. Integrated CRUD (C=Create , R=Read , U=Update & D=Delete) for database interaction and simplified queries.
5. Security , Session and request handling components.
6.Data sanitization.

if u ppl will go through this Link , we will find that Cake PHP is really interesting one.
Anand Sharma


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