Bashir Badr

Akhlaak wafa, chaahat sab kimti kapDe hai.n
Har roz na oDha kar in reshmi shaalo.n ko
[Akhlaak = Naitikta]

Maula mujhe paani de, maine nahi.n maangaa tha
Chaandi ki surahi ko, sone ke pyaalo.n ko

Ethics, loyalty, affection – all are expensive garments
Do not wear these silken shawls everday

Lord, give me just water
I didn’t beg for silver jug or golden cups

It’s beautiful the way the second couplet presents a simple [though not easily understood, or rather followed, idea] – that riches may not be sufficient to fulfil one’s needs!

Yahaa.n libaas ki kimat hai aadmi ki nahi.n
Mujhe gilaas baDe de, sharaab kam de

The dress [appearance] is valued more than the person
Give me a larger glass, even if you give me less wine

And this one presents quite a contradictary view to the previous one!

Muhabbat se inaayat se wafa se chot lagti hai
Bikharta phool hoo.n mujhko hawa se chot lagti hai

Meri aankho.n mei.n aansoo ki tarah ik raat aa jaao
Takalluf se, banavaT se, ada se chot lagti hai

Love, benevolence, loyalty – they hurt me
I’m a shedding flower, the wind hurts me

Come into my eyes like a teardrop one night
Formality, superficiality, style, hurt me

I specially liked the second of these couplets. It is so tender, so vunerable – only a tear can represent the true emotion, even if it is brought about by grief, rest of the feelings and expressions can’t be so pure.

Wo farishte aap talaash kariye kahaaniyo.n ki kitaab mei.n
Jo bura kahei.n na bura sunei.n, koii shakhs unse khafa na ho

Wo firaak ho ki visaal ho teri aag mehkegi ek din
Wo gulaab banke khilega kya, jo chiraag banke jala na ho

For those angels, search in the fairy tales
Who do not hear or speak evil, noone is angry with them

Whether it is separation or confluence, your fire will be fruitful some day
How will he bloom like a rose, he who has not burnt like a lamp

How true! It is only angels who can be so ideal! A normal, mortal cannot hope to please everyone in this world!

Socha nahii.n accha bura, dekha sunaa kuch bhi nahii.n
Maangaa khuda se raat din tere siva kuch bhi nahii.n

Jis par hamaari aankh ne moti bichhaaye raat din
Bheja wohi kaagaz use hamne likha kuch bhi nahii.n

I didn’t think of good or evil, didn’t see or hear anything
Day and night, I asked God for nothing but you

On which my eyes dropped pearls day and night
I sent her that sheet without writing anything

Yuu.n dil ko gududaayaa ki har gham jagaa diya
Usne hansi hansi mei.n hamko rula diya

Poocha bahut jo hamne kis or ab miloge
Chutki mei.n ret lekar usne uDa diya

She teased my heart so as to awaken every sorrow
In jest, she made me cry

When I asked a lot, where to find you
She took a pinch of sand and tossed it away

Yeh dil ki raakh kured mat, use muskura ke hava na de
Yeh chiraag phir bhi chiraag hai kahi.n tera haath jala ne de

Mai.n ghazal ki shabnami aankh se, yeh dukh ke phool chuna karoo,n
Meri saltanat mera fan rahe mujhe taajo-takht khuda na de

Do not prod the ashes of my heart, do not fan it with a smile
The lamp is still a lamp, it might burn your hand!

With the dewy eyes of my poem, let me pick the flowers of sorrow
Let my art be my kingdom, I do not pray for crown and a throne

Again, this is so tender – yeh chiraag phir bhi chiraag hai.n – but it is not utter despair – there is a sense of hurt, but along with a pride – kahii.n tera haath jala na de.

dhuup meN niklo, ghaTaao meN nahaa kar dekho,
ziNdagii kyaa hai, kitaabo ko haTaa kar dekho,

wo sitaaraa hai, chamakne do yuuNhii aaNkho meN,
kyaa zaruurii hai usey jism banaa kar dekho,

pattharo kii bhii zubaaN hotii hai, dil hotaa hai,
apne ghar ke dar-o-deewaar sajaa kar dekho,

faaslaa nazro kaa dhokhaa bhii to ho saktaa hai,
wo mile yaa na mile, haath baDhaa kar dekho.

*** *** ***

Go out in the sun, take a shower in the rains
Put away the books, and see what is life

It is a star, let it shine in your eyes
Is it necessary to see it having a body [to know it]

The stones can also have a voice, a heart
See it – adorn the doors and walls of your home

The distance can be just a perception
You may find it [him/her] or not, spread your arms to find it

*** *** ***


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  1. bohut khoob likha hai aapne
    mind blowing

  2. Thanx for ur comment 🙂

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