How to Install SQuirrel SQL Client on windows

                                                  How to install Squirrel SQL Client

STEP 1. Hit the URL:-


Click on the link on the page

Install jars of SQuirreL 3.3.0 for Windows/Linux/others

After clicking the above link , you are able to download “squirrel-sql-3.3.0-install.jar”.

Save “squirrel-sql-3.3.0-install.jar” file in C Drive.


STEP 2:- Open Command line (CLI) [start->run->cmd and press ENTER]

C:\Documents and Settings\Kumar>cd ../..


Now , type java -jar squirrel-sql-3.3.0-install.jar at CLI and press ENTER

It will open SQuirrel software installation package. Just click on next , next and install the software.

STEP 3:- Open Squirrel software and click on Drivers tab


STEP 4:- To enable Oracle Thin Driver , you have to download ojdbc14.jar and add this jar file in “Squirrel\lib” folder.


Download link:


Restart the Squirrel software, where you can able to see that Oracle Thin Driver is enabled.



STEP 5:-

Click on Aliases tab , click on +(add) button to add new database.

In ADD Alias , provide NAME for Database ,

Select Oracle Thin Driver  in Driver drop down box.

Provide the URL , Username and password.

URL should be like:-




Click on TEST button , if all details are correct then it should show below mentioned  message on screen.


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