I live d life  d way I am . I dont want to live my life under ny person. Neither i wana to be masterof any 1 nor i wana 2 be slave of any. God has given every 1 the same ability so why one can take charge of others.

I wana  to live my life like  Birds.They fly higher and higher without any boundary ,without any tension.

 After several lifes , we  get this Human life. so i dont wana to spend it simply. I dont wana to be lost in Crowd. I wana  a fame so that even  i m not here , people remember me and my work. 


3 Responses

  1. I think its really a gud thought,,keep it up Anand….

  2. Whatever u say is right except one thing according to me:
    “I wana a fame so that even i m not here , people remember me and my work. ”

    Why should people remember when u are no more?
    Are there any works belonging to you?

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